Sunday, April 10, 2016

Dog goodies

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*I wasn't compensated or solicited for this review - It's all my own feedback and opinions; I just wanted to share a great product with you*  

I wasn't always selective about buying dog treats; I admit it.    But, as time went on, I noticed that some of the ones I was purchasing, were a little questionable.   I bought a store brand, a couple of times, and it finally occurred to me that these treats were making my dog sick.   She was having a lot of bile and vomiting, usually a day after I'd given them to her.   When I finally realized it was those treats causing it, I stopped giving them to her, and tossed the rest of the box.    This has happened so often.   Mostly because of all the crap ingredients that some of the companies are putting in their products.  Miley was even having weird episodes, physically, and the gas?  Oh Lord.   I may have been saving money buying those brands, but I was doing my poor dog a great disservice.
 Once I took the time to really read up on the ingredients and additives in most of the products I was buying, I knew that these were no good for my dog.     When I heard about the Charlee Bear treats, on social media, I was curious to see how they were different than the brands I'd been buying already.   Well, trust me, they are WAY DIFFERENT!   I was fortunate enough to receive a pack of the Charlee Bear crunchy treats, for my dog, on a Twitter contest.  Since I have been giving them to my dog, I haven't seen any issues with her digestion or anything else.    She enjoys them, of course, but I am really happy with the brand too.
I mean, just by looking at the ingredients, you can see the difference, compared to other brands.
I even like the serving size of these.  My vet once told us, when Miley was overweight, that dogs care about "quality", not "quantity", so we didn't have to give her big, full treats.  After that,  I started breaking her biscuits in half - and didn't feel that I was slighting her, because all she knew was that it was a treat.    With these Bear Crunch treats, I can give her just one.  But if I do give her a couple at a time, I don't feel that I'm over doing it because they're only 3 calories per treat.
If you're a dog parent, you'll want to check these out, if you haven't already.

Saturday, April 09, 2016

Birthday Month

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So, evidently, we're in some weird time warp right now, and instead of April showers, we're having April flurries.   Odd, I tell ya.  Odd.     So, I figured since I have nothing better to do (other than clean the house and do laundry), I figured I'd update the ol' blog.    Especially, because, it's my birthday month.   Yep, I'm hitting 40 in ten days and I made a short list, in my phone, a few weeks ago, of things I want to do as I turn 40.  Or maybe, shortly after I turn 40.   I'm a procrastinator, so I don't know when "said" goals will actually be accomplished, but the intent is there.  I promise.  But it won't be before I turn 40, I can almost guarantee that.     My list, so far, is pretty boring, but who knows maybe I'll think of something more daring in the days that follow.       I wanted to do something fun on Facebook for my birthday month, like a giveaway or something, but I couldn't come up with anything creative, so I settled for just using a childhood picture as my profile photo.. (which reminds me, I need to dig out a bunch of old photos today, for my husband to use on a collage at my party.    Yes, I actually did want a party.  The girl who usually wants nothing, actually made it a a point to ask for a party.  Why not?   I've had a rough few years, so why not find something celebration-worthy and party it up?    I don't fret turning 40, but I do have regrets about not accomplishing certain things by this time in my life.   BUT, I also know that it's never too late, so I may surprise myself (and others) in the near future.    So, let's see...   What was I saying?   Oh, yes!    (memory loss already?)    My list of things I have decided to do as I turn 40....(in no specific order)

♦ get my nose pierced (I have wanted a little diamond stud forever and never did it)
♦ learn to knit (or crochet) is there a difference?  If so, it doesn't matter.
♦ start writing again (and possibly start the book I've always wanted to write)
♦ get a mammogram (that may seem odd, but it's important, and I know I need to) last was almost 4 yrs ago
♦ exercise every day (I've actually been doing wellwith this one! Once I got in a routine, I became consistent)
♦ blog way more often than I do now
♦ get another tattoo (in memory of Mom)

Hey, I told you it was boring.  But, that's it.   Like I said, there will be more added, as I think of them, but this is what I had for now.      

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Book Review - A Girl's Guide To Moving On

* As a member of NetGalley, I was able to read an advanced copy of Debbie Macomber's "Girl's Guide To Moving On"...  All I agree to do is read the title that I requested, and provide my honest feedback *
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Debbie Macomber writes the kind of books that I really enjoy, so I've read quite a few of her books.  While this book didn't pertain to my life, personally, I still felt like it was a title and story that would interest me.    And it really did!    Debbie writes about a mother in law and daughter in law, who had forged a friendship, long before both of their marriages took their final breaths.    But, once one of them got the courage to file for divorce, the other soon followed.   Courage is contagious, sometimes, I guess.    It's unfortunate, but sometimes there is someone who is in the same shoes you are, and can weather the storm with you.
    I loved the writing and the story line.    I felt like I could really delve into the pages and be right in the setting.   I could almost see the characters and situations, because the story was so descriptive.   I couldn't wait to see how it ended, and I couldn't put it down.     I definitely recommend this book, for a feel good read.   It might even make you reflect a little, like it did me.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

It's your thing!

I thought it was pretty cool when I found out that I was selected to receive the Slim Fast Advanced Nutrition vox box!  (from Influenster)
   I tried Slim Fast years ago,  and it was one of the few plans out there, that I was able to enjoy.    It wasn't "diet-y"  (new word)  No awful flavors, or snacks with the consistency of a matchbook.
I always liked the Slim Fast shakes.     Years ago,  I used to buy the big tin of powder, and then they came out with the ready made drinks.  They were so handy to just grab and go.   My vox box had some of the newest Slim Fast in it.

The Vanilla shake did not disappoint. It was pretty delicious and not chalky.  I drank it for breakfast and didn't feel hungry for a few hours. Definitely replaced a meal.  Highlights for me: High protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, lactose free,  gluten free.  

The dark chocolate and sea salt bar (I didn't eat because of a tree nut allergy) but I gave it to my friend for her feedback and she loved it.   She said the 'sweet and salty' was perfect for a snack craving and now she wants to buy these Slim Fast bars instead of the brand she's been.

The baked potato crisps were pretty good but I wasn't thrilled with the flavoring.   That's just a personal preference though.   I might try the BBQ flavor.  I did like the crunch and the texture, as well as the fact that they're a good source of protein and fiber. 

The cinnamon drizzled crisps.   Oh my.   I was anxious to try these as soon as I saw the flavor "cinnamon bun".   And yep, these baked crisps are great!  Love the flavor and the little "pop it in your mouth" size.   A great,  midday snack at work.   They didn't last long, but I enjoyed them, AND I got a nice serving of protein and fiber with them.   

Ever since trying all of these products,  I'm back in the Slim Fast club.   I really need to lose some weight and it's hard finding things you can eat or knowing what snacks to grab.    Slim Fast has a nice variety and takes the guesswork out of figuring it out.   I'm definitely picking up some more of these great products.   

*  I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes *   All opinions are my own.  

Friday, January 15, 2016

The dry hands saga

* I agreed to do a blog post, on O'Keefe's Working Hands  hand cream, as part of my mission on *   

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Of course, it's an HONEST review, because what kind of blogger would I be if I lied or just said what you wanted to hear?  (or what they wanted to hear?)   I get to try a product for free, for honest feedback?   Sure, why not.

So, the verdict is:   I love this hand cream.  I did see it in the stores prior to being selected to try it for free, but I wasn't anxious to try it.  I figured it was just another brand touting why they were the best in the category of dry hands and feet.

But, turns out, they just might be one of the best.  Dry skin is a struggle of mine all year. In the winter, my body is worse than the warmer months, but my hands are dry all year round.  This is mostly because I wash my hands too much (is there such a thing?) and I use sanitizer like my life depends on it.   So, yeah, my hands need serious moisture.     What I like about O'Keefe's is:
1.)   it really is non-greasy, leaving behind no gross residue, that I just want to wash right off again!   I have done that with other brands, believe me.  

2.) there is NO scent.   This is a 2 fold perk for me.    I wear a fragrance every day, whether it's a perfume, or a body spray, it's always SOMETHING.    So I don't like to use lotions or creams, for my hands, that are scented..  I don't want the scents to clash.  I also don't find that scented creams work as well.   Very few ever have, for me.    The other reason it's important is that my husband also likes to use O'Keefe's... and he doesn't want to have a fragrance on his hands.  I get it.  

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Definitely giving O'Keefe's a shout out, because I'm really diggin' this hand cream.   Now I have to try the foot cream.  My feet aren't dry like my hands, but I have a feeling they'll still benefit from some O'Keefe's cream.