Thursday, June 15, 2017

Addicted to Journaling

It's true.   I don't know how many journals I have laying around at this point.   But I love them all.
Do I write in them all the time?  No.  Most are from days of old and I'll never write another entry in them.   I have some new ones though.   I have a Mom journal, (where I write entries to my mom, who has passed on).    I have a prayer journal (newly aquired) which I really love!  The journal that was gifted to me last Christmas, is in my work bag. I just feel like I always need to keep one on me at all times, to record thoughts, ideas, quotes that I've heard and need to remember, etc...

Today, I saw an ad for this one and it didn't take me but a second to decide that I must have it!
And apparently, it's only a little over 10 bucks on Amazon...
It has a question for every day of the year and it's a 5 year journal!   Imagine!  
Looks like I'll be treating myself to this soon..

1 comment:

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