Monday, January 23, 2017

What I Read & What I Thought.....

Still loving NetGalley and being able to read ARCs of books that haven't hit the shelves yet.    I love reading reviews, so I figure I should post mine as well, so others might find my blog and stumble upon a great new title to read.  Or maybe one to stay away from.   : )

So, here's what I've read lately, and my honest opinions.....

It Started With Goodbye -   Christina June  - Romance - Teens & YA

Loved it.   Yes, it's another one I chose, in the YA (young adult) category, but I tend to really like some of those books.  This one was no exception.    Written well, kept me interested, and I was anxious to see where it was going.  A cute read for anyone, I thought. Reminded me of my teen years, a little, with the exception of having a stepmom and step sibling.  I read it in just a few days.

Small Great Things - Jodi Picoult - Women's Fiction/General Ficton - Adult

Truth?   I started this title a while back and ended up quitting.   I was annoyed at the style of writing; each chapter alternated with one of the 2 main characters, and seemed a little repetitive.   Then, one day, I decided to be the loyal Jodi fan that I am, and gave it another chance.   Well, I fell right into it. I realized why that format was important, in alternating the characters and refreshing the previous chapter.   This book made me really think and actually put me in check a few times.  There were moments in this story, where I had to examine my own thoughts and actions.  I wasn't aware that Jodi Picoult wrote this book, after reading a true story, very similar to it.  That made the story all the more thought provoking & enlightening.

Never Let You Go - Chevy Stevens - Mystery/Thrillers - General Adult Fiction

This one is a big YES.   It frightened me, intrigued me, and made me realize how sometimes we just don't know people that we think we might.   Sort of a plot with a twist, although I felt like I was figuring it out without trying to.  Another title that I read in less than a week, because I had to keep going.
Excellent read and I would see the movie, if there were one in the works.

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