Monday, August 01, 2016

Don't Wish It Away

I heard Trace Adkins'  "You're Gonna Miss This"  on the radio yesterday.  I forgot how much I liked it.
I can remember the first time I heard that song; I was traveling back from PA to NJ, with my now husband, smiling at the similarities I had with the first character in the song.

I can relate to this song, so much.   I felt like someone was watching me as an adolescent and writing these lyrics, all the while.    I'm sure I'm not the only one.

 She was staring out the window of that SUV-  
                 Complaining, saying "I can't wait to turn eighteen" ♫

When we were kids, (my siblings and I), we were part of a pretty "normal", nuclear family.   Mom, Dad, kids.   Sometimes there were dogs, birds, bunnies, cats, hamsters, gerbils, fish.  Geez, looking back, I never realized how we had almost every species of a household pet!
Just about every weekend, my Dad would wait for us all to wake, and then we'd all pile in the car for our Saturday or Sunday outing.  Sometimes both days.   Sometimes we'd end up in Delaware (for the New Castle flea market) where I got my first Rick Springfield T shirt... thank you very much.  I remember there was a shop inside the flea market, where they sold all furniture;mostly wicker.   I always dreamed of having an all wicker bedroom, but I was floored at how much each piece cost and knew it wasn't going to happen. 
 We'd shop around, Dad would buy all the fresh meats for the week at the Amish market inside, {remembering to get me some pickled eggs and beef jerky} Then we'd pack it all in the Styrofoam cooler full of ice. After the flea market and sometimes shopping at Ames, we'd all have a family dinner at Dempsey's restaurant.   I'd usually order Chicken Parmesan with french fries.   Also LOVED the salad bar. I think that's where I started my obsession with chick peas in my salads.

Even as great as those weekends sound and how many kids today would love that family time, I wasn't always appreciative of it.   I can remember leaning on my palm, pressed against the window, many times, wishing I was anywhere but there.  Wishing I was home with friends, or listening to music. Riding my bike with neighborhood friends.   Wishing I was one of those kids who didn't have to partake in the family outings, and didn't have to be home for dinner every night.   I felt like the dork of all dorks.. that we had these Brady Bunch-ish weekends.   But, now?  Man, do I realize how great being a family was.  And is.
If only I'd known then that the time was so precious and that we were making memories I'd still remember at 40.   All of that family bonding and togetherness is probably what kept us all out of trouble, and on the right path in life.  Who knew then that our parents were so precious, and so important?  You don't think of those things as a kid.    You focus on how much you hate having to listen, having a curfew, how much they annoy you with rules and discipline.   Always acting like they know so much.   Then, one day, as an adult, you're writing a blog post about it, and you realize that Mom and Dad did know an awful lot.  They were never trying to piss you off, they were always just guiding you,molding you.    They took us along on those family adventures because they loved us and wanted to spend time with us.  They wanted us to be a FAMILY.

I wish I could get just one of those weekends back.  Just to really savor it and enjoy it for all its' worth.
  I would appreciate it more than I ever did, and I'd have taken it in just a little more.  I'd have made sure not to forget a single moment.  I would have spent more time enjoying it and less time wishing it away.  If only we'd had Smartphones then.   All the great photos and memories I'd have.   But, the ones in my mind and in my heart as just as awesome and just as clear.    ♥ Thanks Mom & Dad ♥

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  1. I believe those trips made us into the family we are today. Always willing to pile in and go somewhere!


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