Friday, July 22, 2016

Debbie Macomber - Sweet Tomorrows {review}

Debbie Macomber's one of my favorite authors; I love her style of writing and the feel good books she puts out.   I saw Sweet Tomorrows on Netgalley and immediately requested it.   So glad I did!
Even though I'm not usually a series fan,  the Rose Harbor series converted me, if only temporarily.
Sweet Tomorrows is #5 in that series - and I can tell you that the 4 books before it, were as great a read as this one.   This book makes me wish that the Rose Harbor Inn was real.. and that I could go stay there for a weekend, to regroup, gather my thoughts and dreams and come home with some resolve.
  If you love a good book about love, friendship, healing, and finding yourself, this could be your perfect beach read this summer.

Sweet Tomorrows (Rose Harbor Series #5)

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