Wednesday, July 12, 2017

This is the shit

I've wanted to try this stuff since I saw it the first time.  I finally did when I went to a birthday party at a really nice winery a year or two ago.    Only, I didn't really get to "use" it, because I only had to pee.    But I still sprayed it to see what it smelled like.   I also came out of the bathroom and back to our table,exclaiming "There's PooPourri in the bathroom!"...
  No one shared my excitement.   Lame asses.  

So, fast forward to this past Monday, when a good friend of mine, gifted me a bottle!   The scent of mine is Heaven Scent... and it smells amazing!     I couldn't wait to go poop that day....It felt like forever, waiting and waiting.....   Come on, coffee, do your job.
   And when it finally happened, I was excited to spritz the toilet water and take a seat.   People, I shit you not, this stuff really works.    It literally covers the scent of your "duty" before it even happens!
I used to think "well, shit, I can just spray some regular air freshener in the bowl, if that's how it works".... But, no.   That's a stupid idea.    I don't want all those chemicals up my ass or on my cheeks.    No, Poo~Pourri is SAFE.

*  No parabens
*  No Phthalates
*  No aerosol
*  No alcohol
*  No formaldehyde

And it really is a practical gift, ladies!   It has a cute TO and FROM section on the packing!
And if you have a friend that tells you it's gross or impractical, they're lying.   They're "shitting" you.   Because poop stinks.   And as we all know from the highly regarded childhood storybook, "Everybody Poops".
I really love the scent that my friend picked for me, but I'm anxious to try some of the others and also see if it comes in other sizes.

Thanks Poo~Pourri!  (and my coworkers thank you too!)

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