Thursday, August 24, 2017

A bucket list ...?

I was just thinking, about a website, that I had an account on, called 31 Things.  It was a long time ago & it's non-existent now, which really bums me out because I wanted to access my account.
    It was basically a "bucket list" website, where you list just 31 things.    I can't really remember much of mine, but I do remember a few things.  

It got me thinking today & now I want to create a list.. or "re-create" a list.    I doubt that I'll make it to 31 items today - But we'll see how it goes.  And these things are in no particular order of importance.

What are some of your musts?   Do you have a bucket list?    Comment below, with your list, or just a few interesting things, if you don't want to share it all.

I've posted mine -   (or at least what I can think of right now)

1.)     Ride the carousel at Franklin Park in Philly
2.)     Go to Coney Island  (this has been a must, since I saw the movie Uptown Girls)
3.)     Get a small peircing on my nose.
4.)     Have a child (is this a bucket list item? Is that weird?)
5.)     Write a book
6.)     Sing with a band (just once is fine, it doesn't have to be a long term thing)
7.)     Own a carousel horse
8.)     Go to a musical in NYC
9.)     Try out for a musical
10.)   Learn to play the piano
11.)   Visit as many shrines as I can (PadrĂ© Pio, Blue Army, Miraculous Medal, so many options!)
12.)   Join the choir at church

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