Thursday, October 13, 2016

Don't be a boob

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I know that most women, if not all, do not need reminders or annoying posts, encouraging them to get their mammograms.   But this might be more of a "note to self" for me.   I was on top of it, when I got my first mammogram.   That was 4 years ago.   Now, the procrastinator that I am, I'm well overdue.   I need to get one.  Not just because my mom had breast cancer, but because I have breasts.   That's all the reason you need, isn't it?     

Funny story:  When I wanted to schedule my 2nd mammogram, (which I later canceled), South Jersey Radiology called me to confirm insurance info, and then the woman who helped me, could not find me in their system.  She kept asking "are you sure you've been here, I can't find you in the system"....  So I replied "Well, then, we have a bigger problem, because, I came into your facility on a Saturday morning and I was fondled!"     The gal on the other line laughed so hard, as did I!  And then we figured out that the issue was the fact that they had merged with Booth Radiology and the system was a little screwy.     I didn't keep that appointment, but I should have.

So I'm all scheduled for this coming Saturday - It was easily scheduled online.
 I love being able to do that, because I don't always have time at work, and I can't always use the phone for personal conversations.    And, contrary to the banter you hear, it's not really that bad.   A little uncomfortable, but it's over in less than 10 minutes, and you're on your way out the door.   

Wonder why they don't encourage women to get their mammos, by having sexy men (or women) perform them?   It would feel more like "pleasure" and less "business"...  Should we look into this?
Ok, I will.     In the meantime, schedule your mammogram if you haven't.   

Two words:    Early Detection.  


  1. Somehow i feel more comfortable being manipulated by the overweight fat little gray haired grandma type than some hot hunk... i would be sooooo uncomfortable :-) especially at one of my last mammograms I had to tell them I was still nursing so watch out!!!

    1. Lol. Oh, trust me, that part of my post, was all in jest. I would be so awkward and red faced if that were the actual scenario. So glad you're keeping up on the mammos.

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