Monday, December 28, 2015

Book Worms Unite!

I don't know when my love of reading really took off, but it seems it was in the last 5 years.   
I always enjoyed reading, but I find, lately, that I'm picking up and finishing books, a lot faster than I probably ever did.  
I think reading really takes you to another place and time.   Not every book that I pick up, grabs me, but when a book does, it keeps me interested.   It's those kinds of books that transport me into the time and place of the book.     Reading has become quite an escape for me. 

I try to stay up to date on reviews and recommendations, with Good Reads, and by looking at the New York Times online, to see what the newest titles are to hit the scene.   I usually keep a list in my smartphone, to refer to, when I need a new read.  

I recently heard about Net Galley; a website where readers can request to read advance copies of books, by agreeing to read and give it your honest review.  They're all in e-book format, so you need a device that you can read on, but the options are almost endless. You can see them here
You probably won't get approved for every title you request; it's important to keep your website/blog current, and to show the author(s) that you're an avid reader, who's blog/website has some great content on it, that pertains to books, reading, etc.   That will definitely increase your approval rate.

I've been approved for only one book so far,  but I'm so engrossed in it already.   It's a great story so far!     Definitely check it out, bookworms! 


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