Friday, January 15, 2016

The dry hands saga

* I agreed to do a blog post, on O'Keefe's Working Hands  hand cream, as part of my mission on *   

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Of course, it's an HONEST review, because what kind of blogger would I be if I lied or just said what you wanted to hear?  (or what they wanted to hear?)   I get to try a product for free, for honest feedback?   Sure, why not.

So, the verdict is:   I love this hand cream.  I did see it in the stores prior to being selected to try it for free, but I wasn't anxious to try it.  I figured it was just another brand touting why they were the best in the category of dry hands and feet.

But, turns out, they just might be one of the best.  Dry skin is a struggle of mine all year. In the winter, my body is worse than the warmer months, but my hands are dry all year round.  This is mostly because I wash my hands too much (is there such a thing?) and I use sanitizer like my life depends on it.   So, yeah, my hands need serious moisture.     What I like about O'Keefe's is:
1.)   it really is non-greasy, leaving behind no gross residue, that I just want to wash right off again!   I have done that with other brands, believe me.  

2.) there is NO scent.   This is a 2 fold perk for me.    I wear a fragrance every day, whether it's a perfume, or a body spray, it's always SOMETHING.    So I don't like to use lotions or creams, for my hands, that are scented..  I don't want the scents to clash.  I also don't find that scented creams work as well.   Very few ever have, for me.    The other reason it's important is that my husband also likes to use O'Keefe's... and he doesn't want to have a fragrance on his hands.  I get it.  

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Definitely giving O'Keefe's a shout out, because I'm really diggin' this hand cream.   Now I have to try the foot cream.  My feet aren't dry like my hands, but I have a feeling they'll still benefit from some O'Keefe's cream.  

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