Friday, November 13, 2015

This one's for the girls..♪♫♪

I was invited, by management at my company, to attend the PA Conference For Women, next week.
I agreed to it, initially, because I just liked the sound of it, and it meant that I wouldn't be in the office ALL DAY on Thursday.    A day off of work?  Why not.   Even though I love my job, I'm human.. and those kinds of days are always welcome.
Now, after checking into it and seeing just what this event is all about, I am so excited to be going!     I really feel like this is an excellent opportunity for me to get out there, professionally and socially, and network with some amazing women.    I'm even taking copies of my résumé to be critiqued by the experts. At first, I couldn't fathom why my EMPLOYER would approve of us going to an event that seemed a lot like a networking opportunity, for new careers.   But then I realized it's way more than that.  It's not just for professional development,  it's really for personal development.      Who knows, maybe this conference and all of the workshops I attend, will give me the boot that I need to take a step or two in the direction I've always wanted to, in SO many ways. Professionally, personally, intellectually.

I even downloaded the APP to have all the info at my fingertips and on the go!  I was scrolling through last night, in bed, and adding workshops to my schedule.  So easy to use.  I can add and remove sessions as quickly as you want, in creating my own personal agenda for the day.   No hassle at all.   I love it.   I'm smitten with this event and I haven't even attended yet!        I've been checking on Twitter and Facebook to see if I know anyone, personally, who is going, besides my coworkers.

I'm still looking through the day's agenda to see which workshops I want to attend - because there are so many.    I'm definitely going to Meet & Greet with Carli Lloyd and hopefully get an autograph and maybe even a photo!    My niece has already put her request in, for me to do that!    So, hopefully......

This is bound to be an awesome event!   I can't wait to come back and post all about it.

If you're reading and you're going, let me know!

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