Monday, August 03, 2015

PINCHMe, I must be dreaming

I'm a big fan of FREEBIES, as if anyone out there, is not.  Right?
So, when I found out about PINCHMe, I was really eager to hear more about it.  I was also apprehensive because I feel like almost everything has a catch.   Nothing is FREE.  But, with this site?   It really is.   The only thing you have to do in return, is provide your honest feedback for the items you receive!    Yes, seriously!    I have received a total of 14 boxes already.   I've liked everything but I do have my favorites!     I'm not qualified for samples, every time they're available, but I make sure to keep my profile updated, answer the pop-up questions and always provide my feedback and ratings on products that I do get.   That's how you stay active on the site and that helps to ensure future free samples coming your way!
The first photo is a box that I won on another blogger's giveaway post, but it was provided by PINCHMe.  So it gives you an idea of some of the fantastic finds that are in the PINCHMe boxes.  The 2nd photo is an actual box of items that I was qualified for on Sample Day!  I actually got a few gals at work to sign up, because they kept seeing my posts on Instagram and Facebook!    

You really should join!     PinchMe

***This not a paid endorsement by PINCHMe or any of the brands pictured.   I received all of the products free from PINCHMe, but was not compensated for this post or any product reviews**** 

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