Tuesday, August 18, 2015

a sweet find

Literally.    It was a SWEET find, on many levels.

I'm always on the hunt for something to satisfy a sweet craving, but, since I have a tree nut allergy, my options are usually scarce.    Sometimes, and not too often,  I'll happen upon a product that I can actually eat.
Which is exactly what happened when I went to Sam's Club last week.  Meet my new favorite:
 Mrs Thinsters. 
 These cookies were on a display, right at the entrance.    So, naturally, I picked them up and looked for the SIGN!  The one that screams "Yes, Dawn, you can eat these!"   -   Well, ok, to you it looks more like "NUT ALLERGEN FRIENDLY".     There are times when I just need a sweet treat and my choices are always so limited, it seems.   So I was so glad to find these yummy cookie thins.
And the bag was a good size!     I'd never heard of these before and Sam's only had this flavor, but I'm itching to try the others.  ESPECIALLY the brownie!   One of my favorite sweets - in a cookie??!   Yes, please!

In addition to the Nut FREE factor, the other bonuses with this delicious treat are:


I really hit the jackpot with these Cookie Thins.   They're so good!  I can't tell you how often I pass up cookies, cakes, and other sweets because of my allergy.   It stinks.   But I keep these in my drawer at work and at home, so they're handy when I have that craving for a sweet snack.
I'll be keeping an eye out for the other flavors and will post my reviews.   I can tell you that the one I did get; Birthday Cake, is pretty darn good!

** This review was not solicited nor compensated.   I purchased the cookies and decided to share my excitement **

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