Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What's all the Bzzzzz about?

You already know that I'm kind of a fan when it comes to free stuff... but it's not just that.  I really like it when I can try out a product and then review it.    I find a lot of great information before I buy a product, simply by reading reviews on blogs, brand websites, and social media.

So, when I found out about Bzz Agent, I had to sign up!     I already qualified for my first campaign and it was actually a product that I'd been considering to purchase!   Secret Clinical Strength.
Now, I don't know about you, but I can not find a deodorant/antiperspirant that is "the one".    One that actually works, around the clock.     I am always paranoid that I'm going to stink halfway through my work day.  And I will not lie; I have!    Maybe people can't tell, but I can, and that's enough for me.  I was just using a deodorant that I loved the smell of and it was a rather known brand.. BUT I had to carry it in my purse with me, because it didn't last all day.    The crazy part about that?  I work at a desk!    It's not like I was doing strenuous labor.    So, I've been trying other brands and haven't found one that stuck.    I'm so glad that BzzAgent afforded me the chance to try this!    It works and it lasts.    I should have known it would be so great because it claims to ADAPT and RESPOND.   And it does.     Thank goodness that I know there is a brand of deodorant that I don't have to worry about.
How many times have you done the "arm lift" in the office or sitting in traffic, heading somewhere?
I lost count.     It's great to not have to worry about it.    I really have found my new deodorant with Secret Clinical Strength.

I always say that I have a curse, because when I get nervous, I always get red-faced and I sweat!
I'm not always in those situations, but when I am, I can feel it.   I felt like the skit on Saturday Night Live, where the Mary Katherine Gallagher character did the arm pit skit.

Secret Clinical ensures that I don't have to worry about Stress Sweating.    It does happen, folks!   Believe me.  And it ain't pretty.
Good job, Secret!   You already made a great product and now this just put you on the top of my list!

* Product was complimentary, in exchange for my honest opinions *  
Thanks BzzAgent and Secret!


  1. so funny.. I use this deodorant :) I can really sweat... it is gross and totally embarrassing and it bothers me. this actually works (especially when you put it on the night before after your shower - it "plugs" up the pores while you sleep...but even in the morning it works so I think your review is spot on - good job :) :)

    1. Thanks! Yes, I was hesitant to spend the extra dollars to try this ... so I'm glad I had a chance to test it first. Amen, to not having to worry about reapplying. : )


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