Thursday, May 14, 2015

my cup does not runneth over

I try to post reviews:

1.) when I think of it
2.) when I actually remember to
3.) when a product really knocks my socks off  (I'm not too high maintenance, and somewhat easy to please, but I still like to give credit where credit's due).

So, that brings me to my current review.    The Cool Gear tumbler that I seriously can not live without.   I've always been on the hunt for the perfect chiller cup, that is cute, durable and can hold its' own.  { see what I did there?}      I wanted this type of tumbler, because I am so guilty of not drinking enough water.  I just don't like it.  Never have.  Unless, I'm so parched that I'm on the verge of chugging it.   I know, I know!  It doesn't have a taste, so how can I not like it?  I don't know!  I just don't..  Now, stop harassing me.

I did find, however, that I will drink water.....  in a boat, with a goat. Wait, what?  I got distracted for a second.

What I was saying:    I found that I will drink water,  only if:
 1.)  it has ice in it
 2.) if it has a straw.  

So, for the past few weeks, I have been scoping out the ol' tumbler cups, with straws.  Well, wet my whistle and call me hydrated! .... I fell upon this gem!
  It was less expensive than most I've seen... and the design, naturally, caught my eye right away.  

Why do I love this tumbler?   Because it listens to me and tells me I'm pretty.
No, seriously,  it holds hot OR cold beverages.   It's double wall insulated, BPA Free (which I really don't even pretend to know about, just that it's a good thing) and it's really durable. (even for me, who my mom affectionately nicknamed 'tornado' back in my adolescence).  It doesn't sweat all over me, or my desk, or my cup holder in my car.  It never leaks.
Here's an example of how true to its' claims this cup is:    I made iced tea, at work, before I left yesterday.  It was around 4pm-ish.   I used ice from the ice machine. (I know you wish you worked here too, now!)      When I was headed to bed, around 9:55,  I picked up my tumbler, to wash it out, and it still had ice in it!  I'm not talking a few pieces, I mean enough to actually chill a beverage.  I was floored!   I actually showed it to my husband and exclaimed "this ice has been in here for almost 5 1/2 hours!"  I can't believe he didn't share my excitement, but that's ok.    At least I can tell you!    If you're into the 'water with a straw' thing, or just need a new tumbler.. or want to swap stories, periodically with me, on how much you love yours too... (because, trust me, your husband won't be supportive) .. then you need to get one of these!   Check them out here.  

** Disclaimer:  This is all my own opinion and corny humor.   I was not paid by this company, to promote their product. But if they want me to, I'd be much obliged.  ; )

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