Friday, May 22, 2015

Pond's Rejuveness and Clarant B3...

I was fortunate enough, to score these 2 face creams, from Influenster.   I'm so glad that I did!

I was excited to try these new creams from Pond's but I was equally apprehensive, becuase I have had some bad experiences with face creams, in the past.    My skin is very sensitive and doesn't really take well to many things that I put on it.   I've even had reactions to foundations that I used in the past. The end result is usually stinging or burning and nice big red blotches on my face.
But, when I applied the Rejuveness and the Clarant B3 creams, my face was fine.   No stinging, no itching, no reaction at all.

Aside from it being Dawn friendly, I have to say that these 2 creams are pretty awesome!
I plan to use it until I run out of it and the buy more.  But, for the 2 week challenge, I wanted to concentrate on the areas that I really knew I needed this intervention, for both creams' indicated uses.

With the Rejuveness, I concentrated on the areas around my forehead, and my cheekbones, as well as the eye area.  (not around the eye itself, but where I apply shadow, and I can see the wrinkles the most).    Well, 2 weeks later, I am so impressed.  I can see the difference.  My skin is tighter in those areas!   I can't believe that I can get these results without expensive procedures, in a doctor's office. It's amazing.

With the Clarant B3, I didn't have (knock on wood), too many dark areas on my face, but plenty on my hands and forearms, so I concentrated on those areas for the challenge.   One spot was really big and really stood out.   Well, lo and behold, I can see that it's already lightened SO MUCH there. It's truly  I know, as I continue to use this cream, the results will only get BETTER.

I will be out buying these, as soon as I run out of what I have.   They're that good!

**I received both products, from Influenster, for testing purposes.  These are my honest opinions and reviews.**          #SeeForYourself

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