Thursday, October 03, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

I wanted to post an entry today, but couldn't settle on any one topic, so I decided to just do a potpourri of my thoughts.    I like catching up on what every one's doing or not doing, so I try to stay as current as possible, updating you with the goings on in my own life.    

♥  Last weekend,  I went to a different church for Sunday mass.  I missed the last mass at our own church, but luckily, I found an evening mass at another local Catholic church.  I'd been at this particular church before, for an anniversary mass that the diocese held. 
 (My in laws were participants).  But other than that, I don't think I'd ever attended mass here before.    What can I say about my visit?  Not enough.   I was so uplifted - and I think that's just what I needed.   I can't quite explain it, but there was an all together different feel about this church.   The music, for one, was fantastic!   Gone was the monotone, solo singer from my own parish... that felt so familiar, yet so "old school".    This church had a 3 piece band!   When I was walking in with my niece, I said to her "Wow, it's so loud in there, I wonder if they're finishing up something, before mass starts?"..   Nope, it was their musical ensemble.  (this might seem trivial to most, but it's something I'd wished to see a change in over the years at our own church(es).   
The first song that I heard in its entirety was "Open The Eyes of My Heart"...  I love that song!   I truly felt like I was meant to be there.    I don't know if it would be wrong of me, but I could definitely see myself 'changing' parishes.   This church was so much more involved; they have many more ministries than my current parish, and I just felt SO WELCOME.    The bulletin, itself, was full of information, events and announcements.  I particularly found myself interested in the prayer group and grief support group that meets each week.   I already contacted the gal about details.     I was equally pleased when I mentioned it to my husband last night, about how much I enjoyed it, and he said that he would go sometime.   I know God doesn't care where I worship him; I'm just having a moral debate in my head right now.

♥ YARD SALES!    I love them.   The good ones.
 Sometimes, we hit some great yard sales!  Talk about some awesome yard sale finds~

The weekend before, we went to a moving sale & scored a new long resin table and 7 brand new chairs for our deck!  All for $5  -- They even threw in the vintage beer glasses my husband was planning on buying.     Then, we hit a yard sale a couple of streets from us and scored more great stuff for very little money.   I bought a brand new, in the box, 9ft lit garland from Target - for $2 -    The hubby wanted the window fan they were selling for $1 - (the kind with 2 small fans in it and it spans the width of the window)   This thing works great! -  and he also bought a set of Sharper Image wireless speakers (that we'll use outside) -- for $5~      These things still had a Sharper Image sticker on them (they sold for $99 at one time) --  And they work!   The sound is excellent - I've wanted a pair of wireless speakers for a while.   It depends on where we end up, but usually we can get great bargains.  And Jeff likes to bargain with people - I haven't worked up the nerve to haggle yet.  I doubt I ever will.

♥  I crawled out from under my rock and got an iPhone.  Well, I took my sister's old one - but it's NEW to me.    And I love it.   I don't know how I ever lived without it.   (which is very materialistic for me to say) --   But I really think I'm addicted to it.   Now, granted, it's not like the Candy Crush craze that has everyone in a tizzy - I don't even like Candy Crush.  
But I really like this iPhone!   So many apps to be had, so many things you can do with it.  I've already got the apps for CVS, Walgreens, Dunkin Donuts, .... I love that I can scan my prescription and it sends the refills!   Whoa!~   

♥ Last Friday night,  Jeff and I went to a comedy show at a local restaurant.  It was a fundraiser for the 5th grade of a local school.   I didn't have high expectations, but man, it was great!   I laughed so much.     What a great time & something we haven't done together before.  It was just a really good time - I've even looked into hosting a fundraiser there myself, already.   
(I'll post about that great cause later)

♥  I've added a couple things to my page - (the "Quit Smoking" widget)  - and the Twitter widget... so you can follow me, if you're on Twitter!    I tweet like a maniac, some days...  Can't help it.  

So, that wraps up my Thursday Thoughts post.    Hope you're having a great week so far -

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  1. I am envious that you found a parish that you adore now. I have been "church hopping" for quite some time and just haven't been able to find the perfect fit. You are right though, the big Man upstairs doesn't care about where we worship him as long as we practice somewhere. I know it's sort of mean to say and I hate saying it but the monotone one woman band stand just isn't doing it for me. And your new parish had members singing, "Open the Eyes of My Heart," even better! I have that song on my iPod among some of my other favorites like "Like an Avalanche" by Hillsong United and "Great I Am" by Phillips, Craig & Dean.

    Looks like you found some steals at the yard sales! Felix makes fun of our yard sales in south Jersey, lol. We don't have many up here and if you find them, prices surely aren't what they are down there. You should have posted some pics of your findings=)

    Felix and I both bought iPhones about two months ago and as much as we didn't think we would like them, we absolutely love them! I don't know how I managed to live without one for so long, especially with all of the social media I have to succumb to almost every single day. Ugh! Just writing the words "social media" give my eyes a headache. I wish I could curl up on the couch in this stormy weather and watch some old movies like Beaches or maybe a horror movie with some candles lit, but nooooo. Social media has claimed my free time if I ever want to be successful! Either that or win the lottery. But the iPhone helps because I was at the doctor's today and instead of reading a magazine, I tweeted=)

    Happy Monday my beautiful friend!!


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