Friday, October 04, 2013

Soggy Cereal

You probably thought that was a metaphor or something - But I had to post this today.
It's just too fun.  Or funny.   Or ridiculous.

When I took my niece to soccer practice on Monday night, the moms were all sitting around talking per the usual.
One of them had a catalog of things her daughter was selling at school (the ol' yearly school fundraiser) -
Soon, they were all hovered around chatting about the "soggy cereal" bowl.     They were all hootin' and hollarin' about how awesome it was - because they all hated soggy cereal.   And who doesn't?  Yick.
Some cereals just MUSH up as soon as the milk hits them, others can hold out a little longer.
 They all stopped short of asking how and where to order when the gal holding the catalog announced that it was selling for $17...  What?   Really?   Someone could totally make something very similar to this and sell it for a lot less... or hell, get 2 bowls and just spoon it into the milk each time.  
I thought that was way expensive - although I really appreciated the concept.

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  1. I couldn't help laughing when I read this post. 17 bucks! Seriously?! Why didn't we just think of this. This could easily be done and you could sell a whole set for 15 bucks! I do hate a soggy cereal bowl and who doesn't? If we hurry, we can beat everyone else to the finish line and come up with an even better design for less. Or as you so eloquently put it, just use two bowls at one time, lol. Hysterical.


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