Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Recipe Time

I made this - AGAIN - this past weekend.   I love this chili cheese dip, all thanks to my sister who first introduced me to it, thus, started my NEED to have it very often.

It's super easy and I decided to make it last Sunday, since the hubby also enjoys it!   I figured it was a good "football watching" snack.

You must try it  ~  It's simple and it's delicious!    I made it a couple times at parties or FOR parties and everyone raves about it.

Here goes:

- 1 package of shredded cheese - taco blend works best

- 1 package of cream cheese (you can use fat free if you want) - Same great taste.  I promise.

- 1 can of chili with NO beans - (I used the fat free turkey chili and tasted no difference)

Now, get a brownie pan, spread the cream cheese evenly in the bottom (I soften it a bit)
Layer the chili and then the shredded cheese.... Pop it in the oven on 350 for about 20 mins and it's ready to go!   The time is really just estimated.... I wait until the cheese looks nice and melted and/or it starts to bubble on the edges - You don't want it to brown.

Serve with tortilla chips or corn chips and enjoy!    (Share, if you can) ...I find it hard to do that.

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  1. This looks DELICIOUS! Not to mention the fact that you have low-fat options. I'm loving it and will try it one of these Sundays. I know my boyfriend would love it during his endless day of football game watching!


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