Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Catch Up

Yep, it's Monday again!   While I have 1,001 things I can talk about today, I'll just do a fun "catch up" post instead.    

We're officially in my favorite time of year!  Fall!  I know a lot of us are more into Fall than Summer.  And rightfully so.    I like the cool yet not COLD days, the light sun but not SCORCHING warmth.  I love the windows being open when I go to bed and waking up to the morning breeze and the sounds of nature outside. (or my dog barking like a nut job, thus, arousing all of the neighbors' dogs in the process)... But alas, it still makes me happy.
This weekend, I was in such "GO" mode.   I cleaned the house, I mopped, I pulled out all my Fall decor and I went to town.  Well, at least with what I had on hand.  Which reminds me, I NEED MORE!    I was sitting back, looking at my finished product and thinking of how much I enjoy Fall decorating more than Christmas.  I know, that sounds crazy, but Christmas can get so hokey.  Fall is much better - I love the colors much more.    Christmas looks like a rainbow threw up -  Fall?  Nice, calm, earthy colors.
All the things I'm looking forward to this season:
-  My niece's soccer games with hot cocoa and hoodies (instead of bees, sweat and heat waves)
- Bon fires at our house
- Halloween!   My favorite, by the way.
- pumpkin scented candles 
- apple scented candles
- mums galore!
- new Fall decor 
What's your favorite thing about Fall?  Or maybe you don't like this time of year...
Some pics of the weekend fun....


  1. I spy a Flyers flag!!!!! Heck, yeah!! :-)

    1. You betcha! Oh man, my husband is a fanatic... You're a fan too?! Awesome! I'm into it now, but before I met Jeff, I wasn't... Only back in the Lindros days.... I didn't know what hit me when we first lived together during hockey season. I know the neighbors think I'm a battered wife - The yelling?? Pounding the living room floor?? Good times! Go Flyers!

  2. I love this time of year. There is something in the crisp air of Autumn which wraps around my imagination, and I often find myself getting lost within my own creativity and writing. For me, the fall is about gazing out of my bright, open window, and getting lost in the opportunities that the new skyline provides for my soul. Candles are lit inside of our home with pumpkins and décor all around. Since my birthday is just five days before Halloween, I think my spirit is always inclined to find itself engaged in the colors, feelings and thoughts surrounding this time of year. Like yourself, I love the scents of pumpkin and apple cinnamon candles. We have an apple farm not to far from where we live and my boyfriend lets me pick out some really neat homemade candles from the country store there. I love this season!


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