Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Laughter and tears

My sister and I met for dinner last night, with my niece, of course.  Love her ♥
  We met at our favorite place ( or one of) ..  Olive Garden.    I had such a great time; I think my face was hurting from laughing so much.  I don't know what it is about the 2 of us but we have so much fun, doing the simplest of things.   If I told you some of the things that made us laugh uncontrollably, last night, it  might not seem that funny, but to us, it sure was!    We talked about everything ... some good, some bad.     Of course, we ended up talking about Mom, and a vivid dream that my sister had a couple nights ago.    Whew, that was a teary one.    We almost always end up crying.   I joked that I hoped in 10 years, when we're out having dinner, that we're not still doing that.    But who knows?    It was just a good night, a much needed night with my best friend and a dozen much needed laughs.   My heart is happy today.... It feels so good to have moments like that, to relive when we need that lift.


  1. Hi Dawn, Thanks for your kind comments, as usual. Yes, I understand the sister connection too... when I get together with my little sis, well, some of the things that get us going, they just wouldn't make sense to anyone else, haha.. I miss her! I'm so glad you had a good night with your sis. We all need those once in a while.

  2. Laughter truly is a remedy for our aching soul. My mother and I often laugh and joke so hard that I find it nearly impossible to do that with someone else (except your sister=). It is a healing and nurturing for our memories as well as our heart. You girls are going through a rough time and it's beautiful how you can rely on one another to share moments like this. I can just imagine you guys, almost peeing yourselves, laughing. I honestly believe that we all have counterparts in and after this lifetime. When our soul recognizes this reflection, it bounces off of the melancholy and affection which both are built upon.


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