Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer is here!

So happy that summer is finally here.   Yes, I love it.   I don't fret about the heat too much; it's better than winter cold and that awful white stuff.    I'm excited about BBQs, flowers growing, home grown produce,  going to the shore, driving around with the top down....  the list goes on and on.
I always live for the Spring & Summer days.  

We haven't made any concrete plans for this summer yet, since hubby just got back to work, after a year long lay off.  **Can I get an AMEN?**    Thank you Lord.
 We'll probably get in a couple of trips to Smithville and Seaside Heights.   Jeff has never been to Seaside Heights.    When my sisters and I were kids, that's where we usually went with my parents.  We also went to Wildwood, but not as much, that I remember.   Either one is nice.    I just can't believe how things have changed since we were kids.  Especially the prices.    We used to be able to play the games on the boardwalk without flinching & now they're running from $2 and up. Per game?    Our parish carnival has much better deals!   No game, exceeds $1 and most are .25 to .50 cents.    I might just be way too cheap but I don't know how families can afford all the things we did when we were kids.   SO much has changed.. but I guess with the resort towns, they feel that their high prices are justified.   Whew.

So, that's my quick post, for now.  What are your summer plans this year?

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