Thursday, June 20, 2013

a yummy recipe - marifredo?

I have several posts in mind, for the next few, but I'll start with something simple and yummy today!  
I printed out a recipe from Tasty Kitchen a while back and just happened to have all the ingredients on hand this week! 
So, I whipped it up for dinner and tweaked it a little, and I was pleasantly surprised at the result!   And to add to MY own delight, my husband had a second helping!  He really liked it.  Gotta mark that one down and make it again; it was such a hit.

Here's all you need:

Jar of marinara ( any one you like)
Jar of alfredo sauce
box of mini or regular penne
package of Perdue short cuts (chicken)

Mix the jar of alfredo in a small pot with 1/2 the jar of marinara.   (the recipe called for 1/2 of each)  but I shy away from too much red sauce, as my esophagus is not a big fan)

Heat the chicken in a pan with a little olive oil or cooking spray.

Toss the cooked pasta with the sauce in a large bowl and when serving individual plates, top with the chicken.
This dish was so delicious!!    Kind of reminded me of a light vodka sauce or a blush sauce.   Do try it!

** I added a photo of the recipe I found on Tasty Kitchen **  I didn't want to steal the photo - but I forgot to take one and recipes are just not as enticing without a photo.
I didn't add the peas or the pepper garnish(?)

I even made some home made garlic bread -  YUM!


  1. Awesome! This is so easy, and I can't wait to try it! My husband doesn't like too much "red sauce" because it gives him heart burn, so I think I'll try the 1/2 + 1 like you. Sounds so good... thanks!

  2. I'm just glad I found something that tickled his fancy! Very picky eater, my husband. I was actually grinning when he asked if there was more. It's definitely being made again - I think it'd be awesome with some Italian sausage - maybe better than the chicken even. Can't wait.


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