Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mom updates

Well, today is Mom's follow up appointment with her medical oncologist.   Just to recap: she goes to chemotherapy every week, but only the 3rd week, she actually meets with her medical oncologist.  Usually after she's had some labs done and/or a CT or PET scan.   This past Friday, she had her latest CT scan done; today will be the day that the results are discussed.   As of the last CT results, he implied that he may not continue treatment based on this last scan.   There hadn't been much change, if any, in the scans that she'd had previously.  So, I guess his thinking was to not put her through the grueling chemotherapy if he didn't feel that it had been successful, thus far.
  I know, since both tumors (breast & lung) were Stage IV, that we were up against a tough situation here, but I've been hopeful all along that we'd get some positive results out of the treatment.  Miracles HAVE happened and I have definitely prayed long and hard.
If you follow  Mom's Caring Bridge page    you'll see where I had a little rant last week, about the technician telling Mom she saw no changes etc.
Big NO NO on her part.  So, of course, Mom has been worried sick about this appointment today.
But we hope for the best - and see what Dr. Alex says.   Of the 2, the lung tumor is the one that's been the most difficult of the 2, to treat.   If surgery had been an option, things would've been way different, I'm sure.
But unfortunately, it was inoperable because it was invasive & had attached to vital structures in her chest.
I've read so much literature that I picked up here and there and sent away for some too, and I just feel that there are many more options out there if this chemotherapy hasn't worked.

I'll keep the Caring Bridge page updated  and will post tonight on here, as well. 
If Mom is still having her long session chemo today, then I'll have my lap top and will update sooner.

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