Sunday, May 19, 2013


I'm having a thought storm today & I don't know where to start.   I go back and forth between wanting to post how I'm feeling about Mom's 'situation' and not wanting to overload my blog with the details, the ways I'm feeling, etc.   It's not because I don't want to share, but more because there is so much to say and I'm afraid once I get started, it might come off as excessive to my readers. 

I don't want to express certain things on Mom's CaringBridge page because I really feel that it is strictly a place for updates on Mom's treatment/health and more positive and encouraging words. Of course, not every journal entry on Mom's CaringBridge page will be positive.
   I didn't create it so that I could use it for my personal struggle with Mom having cancer.     But, ever since I moved into Blog Land, I have read more blogs than I can count & have felt a part of so many turning points in their lives.  Most were great, celebrating milestones & births, new jobs, new homes, adoptions!   - and some were not so good times.  
Loss of children, deaths of loved ones, divorces, - Basically, everything that we go through in life.    We can't omit those sad parts of our lives and often times we write about it to help us overcome the sadness & to reach out to those who we know may have experienced those same things.    I know I write.

So, if you'll bare with me, I'll still post about fun, happy things and share all the "good stuff" with you - But I may, at times, let it all out.     So, thanks in advance, and don't ever hold back from offering me some insight.   I will never reject it.   This is what life's all about.  

Thanks for being a part of my "life"  - Buckle up!


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  1. Hi Dawn, Yeah, I understand exactly how you feel. When I started my blog, I wanted a "Catholic blog" - but if I post about how religious and happy and great I am all the time - well I feel shallow. Truth be told, I like to complain endlessly about nothing sometimes, yes that is crazy and seems terrible when compared with dealing with real problems that others blog about, but I'm still figuring out how to just be me on my blog. I do worry about sounding excessive or dramatic, but those are the dumb thoughts swirling around upstairs.(So it is a balance for sure.) I guess just do whatever you feel. Sometimes if you need to vent, well please vent - I do find it very cathartic, personally. (And it does feel so nice to get unexpected comments. You never really know who is reading and how you are affecting someone else.) I like reading all of your posts, the good and the bad. I hope you have a nice evening.


Hi, thanks for YOUR thoughts on MY thoughts! Happy reading!