Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday rain

I really think it's going to rain ALL day, but I'm going to be as productive as I can. I have laundry already folded and ready to go in drawers, the house is straightened up pretty well, and I'm waiting for my sister to get me so we can go for lunch.

We're trying out Red Robin for the first time. I'm kind of psyched about the bottomless fries; is that bad?
Even though it's dreary out, I'm sure we'll have a good lunch, chatting and catching up. I think she's going to drag me to some shopping as well. Help me! Nah, shouldn't be that bad - although I am the kind of person that has to shop alone.

I have so much more to catch you up on, but will have to get my thoughts together. Boy, do I have a lot!

Mother's Day was a great day - We took mom to Historic Smithville
The weather was SOOOO perfect! We shopped, had lunch, shopped more, rode the train & the carousel. Took pictures and bought lots of goodies. Yahoo to finding fresh Irish potatoes in May! Love them.... (cinnamon, sugar, coconut..) Oh dear.

I think Mom enjoyed herself - it was nice to have a day of no worrying, no Cancer talk and no dwelling.
Even though, she did bring it up when we were alone - and I did pretty well dodging the discussion. I asked her to just allow herself ONE day of not worrying and just enjoying life and just BEING. I know it's hard but it's important to allow yourself that break.

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  1. Thank God for sisters! Glad you had a nice mother's day with your mom. Beautiful photos.


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