Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Strength & Courage

I always have such good intentions to update my blog with a new post. Trust me, there is ALWAYS something swirling around in this mind. Life is rarely uneventful and I always have something to share, even if it's just tidbits of the day at work or something funny that I can't resist sharing. But mostly, I've wanted to share how I've been feeling about mom's trek with this "whole cancer thing". And I want to share how she's been feeling about it.
It all has just been such a whirlwind from the day of diagnosis (both of them and the news of the metastasis), that I haven't found the time to get all my thoughts together. I have a care page that I created, for friends and some family, to keep up on the progress of Mom's care/chemotherapy, but I really don't post about "feelings" on there, where it comes to me. I feel that is a separate thing all it's own and not the place for me to talk about fear, anxiety, etc. But my next post on here will probably be lengthy, but not boring. It will be sad, and some parts will be jaw dropping... but please don't let that scare you away. Please check back... (maybe even tonight)

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