Wednesday, May 22, 2013

blog changes

** Just  a quick note **

Since I've been posting more regularly, I decided to go in and change some things today....   It's new and improved!
Well, maybe not all that, but I made some changes..

If you notice on the right, there is now the option to follow me by email - If you enter your email address, it will automatically send you alerts when I update!  Neato.

Then you can also, search my blog, by using the new SEARCH field, also on the right.  (I like that feature for others' blogs, for when I can't remember where I saw something or read about something) -- Most folks have the search option and it really helps when you're trying to find "that one post"....

You can also contact me!   - See the contact boxes

And, for my own sanity, I also now have all my 'labels' on the right side of my page.   Thank goodness I finally figured out how to do that one! 

So, that's the big unveiling - Hey! I didn't say it was that big of a deal... But change is good.

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