Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Angels on Earth

I may not be bad at writing, (damn, I just tooted my horn)  -- Sorry...   BUT I am not always that great with figuring out a title for my post.    But, today when  I was trying to figure out what to name this one, the above was the only thing that came to mind.

I have no other way to really explain how I felt about today's events.

I only started my current job a year and a 3 months ago.   It was by far the best decision I ever made for my life in the way of careers.
I will go far in this company - and I know in my heart of hearts that it was supposed to come about, for so many reasons.   There are so many perks but my favorite is probably the company itself, (as in management) and the co-workers I have.  They're all so wonderful - In every sense of the word.   I never saw people come together, like I have at this place.   When I've done my collections for the poor, whether it was for church, through my sister's job or through my own endeavors, everyone was a part of it. When we threw the fundraiser for my brother's cancer benefit??  Wow..
 It was amazing and heartwarming.  And so hard to find.  They never cease to amaze me, and not even today, even though I was floored.

When Mom was diagnosed and began treatment,  I still had some time off at work.  I hadn't used it all, but I started using it immediately, in January.   Between radiation, doctor appointments,lots of tests, her hospital stay & ultimately chemotherapy, I was prepared for it to be long road but also knew that I'd run out of time at some point. I still needed to be involved with Mom's care and I wasn't sure how I'd manage it.   So, this past Monday, I finally worked up the courage to approach my boss about it.  (also the VP of our division).    I explained my situation (as far as being out of time) - he is aware of the rest.    And I asked if I could continue to take some time off as needed... I offered to work remotely on the days I;'d be out or come in 2 hours early every day for the following week. (after I'd been off) -- - He said that working remotely wasn't an option as our system wasn't set up for such.   It's  too complex to explain but it made sense.   He said he wouldn't have a problem with me coming in early on some days but not to worry about coming in 2 hours early... I guess he thought that was a bit much.  So I was ok with that too.   When I left his office, i felt such relief... I was so happy that I could still "make it work"..   Thank God for such an understanding boss - I mean, really.   He didn't have to work with me on that but he did and I was so grateful.  Naturally, i wouldn't share with the rest of the office; no one really had to know. It wasn't their business to know and I didn't want to ruffle any feathers.    I felt that rules had been bent for me and I didn't want to seem as if I were bragging. 
I surely wasn't.

I only decided to tell one gal who is not in our immediate office area..   She is such a sweetheart & I wasn't worried about her telling others about my arrangement.  She works a lot with the guys in the field, so she is in work early!  Like 5 am early...  When I come in early, I have to use the entrance closest to her office, as the main employee entrance is locked until a little before 8.    I wanted her to know that I;d be coming in and I also kind of wanted her to be my check in, so that I have someone who can say that "yes, I was there early, as I agreed to be".   

Today, I was called to my boss's office -- he called my desk phone and asked me to come in.  When I got to his door, it was shut.  So, I opened it and there stood Marie.   A little flush in the face and wet eyes.    So I walked in and sat down.   My boss proceeded to tell me that Marie had offered to give me some of her vacation time to use, since I was out of time and so that I wouldn't have to make it up, if I did need to be out. I thought I could keep  together but  just couldn't!   I totally broke down - Apparently, she had done the same right before I got there.   It was the most generous thing I'd ever known a co-worker to do.   I was truly moved by her kindness and such a gesture of compassion.    I felt bad for my boss; he didn't have any tissues ( which he noted he should look into) and he said he didn't do well with crying.   I thought he was getting choked up by the looks of hs face.   I usually don't cry n front of anyone and yet, this just really warranted it.  I couldn't hold it back no matter what.    It was hard enough to speak through my sobbing but I didn't know what to say besides "Thank you" -- she cried with me and reached out to grab my hand..   I feel like I am so indebted to her and I know I need to do something nice for her to thank her - I know she didn't do it for recognition, but I am so compelled to do something for her selfless act.   My boss continued to say that I couldn't decline Marie's offer as it wasn't negotiable.  : )   She said she has several days left and really wants me to have some of them.

 I told her yesterday, that she was an angel in disguise, because she always knows when I need some uplifting and she always leaves me an article from the Delco Times, n my desk, from the writer of the Religion Column.   I don't know how, but she always happens to do it when I need it most.   Now I know that she is truly an angel on earth....   I think all of us should do such selfless things for others, be as charitable as she was to me, and just make a difference in some one's life...   Every time I thought about this today, I cried.    Tears of gratitude.   I couldn't even tell my husband without losing it again. So hard to tell a story while sobbing....


  1. officially made me cry here at my desk at work. I'm wiping the tears away now so no one will see. That is the most touching thing I can ever imagine in the workplace. are truly blessed.

  2. Thank you for your thoughts! I was so amazed at this too. So sweet. : ) Makes me realize there are such wonderful people in this world.


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