Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Waiting = Torture (pretty much always)

I can't think of anything in life that involves waiting, that is actually ever a fun thing. It's pure torture, it seems. Last Friday, I took my mom for a double biopsy (both breasts).. and we are now waiting for the results of those specimens. She had a diagnostic mammogram & ultrasound the day after Christmas, because she'd had a breast lump for couple of years (insert gasps here!) and her GP wanted her to get it checked out. He was very concerned about it and (according to my sister), was almost convinced that it was cancer. She had a lesion that was worrisome to her doctor. In fact, he wanted it checked out THAT DAY at the hospital, but my mom is very stubborn. So, the day she'd had the diagnostic mammo, the doctor at the imaging center decided she should have a biopsy on the lump and also on the other breast because he'd seen some calcifications on that one as well. So, now we wait for the report. We can only hope that it's something entirely different...and not the worst scenario. If you're reading this and can offer a prayer, I'd be very grateful. A prayer for good news & of course, for courage if it's not. Each time I've prayed at night about this, I've said to God "If it's your will". Each time, my mom sends me a text or calls, I shudder. I'm almost afraid to answer - But I remain optimistic as always.

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  1. Did everything turn out OK? I will be praying for your mom!!!


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