Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Brother updates

Starting his new year off great! My brother's follow up with the oncologist was 2 weeks ago and I'm so happy to report that he got the all clear to return to work and his chest xray was great. He does need a CT scan, that he should've had already, but when he goes back in April for his 6 month follow up, he'll have that report for the doctor. I know everything will be fine.. I'm an optimist and God is good. Thank goodness that things went the way they did. I try not to think about the alternative & what if my brother had never gone to the doctor and ignored the lump that he'd found. Scary. But, it didn't go that way, thank God. Here's to good health!

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  1. So glad the xray was good and hoping for another good report on April 6th. That is my daughter's first birthday!


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