Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I have a feeling I used that post title once before, but that's ok, it was probably so long ago, that you forgot, right? Sure.

I just wanted to share a little story that was a recent event.

I was reading a book the other night, (pictured in this post) ... and in one of the chapters, it mentioned 'atheists'. The first line of the chapter read "No one talks more about God than Atheists". I thought that was funny, and yet, probably such an accurate statement. In reading on, the author told of former atheists who have since found God and even went on to write books based on their change of heart and/or experiences that encouraged that change. I'm very interested in reading some of those books. Especially that of Dr. Diane Komp, a pediatric oncologist, whose book is called "Images of Grace". She had a change of heart, after hearing stories from her young patients who'd claimed to have met God or had some experience with Him. I was so moved by this one chapter in the book I was reading, I took lots of notes and am already browsing my library's catalog to get my hands on those books. I took the next few lines from a blogger who'd outlined some or Dr. Komp's book: In the early years of her practice, Dr. Diane Komp reported to the bedside of dying children out of duty. But one day the scene that followed changed her life. Just before seven-year-old Anna died, she mustered the strength to sit up in bed and cry: “The angels–they’re so beautiful! Mommy, can you see them? Do you hear their singing? I’ve never heard such beautiful singing!” Then she lay back on her pillow and died, reports Komp in her book Images of Grace (Zondervan)

I think, often times, no matter how devout we think/claim we are, we still have moments of doubt or need further validation. I know I do. And it's not because I question if God exists, I just have moments where I have a hunger to know more and have more validity. That's why I've been reading this book "To know, To Love and to Serve God"... and I'm also completing the study pages with it. I always want to know more.

Now, here's the even better part. The day after I read that chapter in the book and was so intrigued.... I received a phone call at work from a good friend of mine. She wanted to share with me, a story from her bible study, which also was the night I was reading my book. She said there were 2 guest speakers at bible study, who were sharing with the group, their experiences with God 'speaking' to them or guiding them. She said that some of the stories were so amazing they'd make your hair stand on end. She shared with me, a story that really stuck with her, and sure enough, I had goosebumps!

I think what really moved me about this whole incident, was that I had been reading about it the night before and was so pulled in, and then the very next day, she's on the phone telling me this! Is that awesome or what? I really can't wait to read on.

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  1. Dawn, this is so interesting! please share more about this book in the future.. so cool. Yeah, i understand completely, I know I write about God all the time, but I definitely have my moments where I need further spiritual validation.. it just doesn't seem to come in the same strong way after you are beyond the "honeymoon phase".. does that make sense? oh well, keep sharing your thoughts! have a great day.


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