Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Memories

Of course, it was the same as always. All that cramming, last minute shopping, money spent, food cooked, rooms decorated and it's all over in one day. Well, not the reason for the season, obviously. But the Christmas gathering, at least. It is definitely my favorite thing about Christmas. Or one of them. I really love the idea that we celebrate Jesus in such volumes and that even those people who don't go all year, will show up at mass.

Although, this year, I was not appreciating it so much, because we were forced to stand the entire MASS. It was standing room only.

I guess it wasn't so bad because we were doing it for none other than God - but it stil was hell to stand for an hour in heels.

My other favorite about Christmas and it is more valuable than any one material gift: having all my family in one room. I love to celebrate with them even if it's only one day a year. Life being ever busy and the fact that we're somewhat dysfunctional keeps everyone from getting together more often. But this year, Christmas was full of laughs and good times. Memories are made and stored in my heart forever. There are some things that could've been better about it, like the fact that my sister and niece were missing from our little get together. : (

One day, I hope things are different but I fear that it may be too late by the time everyone gets their acts together. I continue to pray for peace in my family and lots of forgiveness.. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

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