Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hi there

Haven't been blogging since September? Cheese and rice. I can't believe I've been out of the loop that long, but I have been keeping up with my blog READING. Everyone else is doing a great job keeping up with their posts, unlike me. I wish I could say I've been extremely busy but I can't really account for anything crazy. I've been working and we've been doing things around the house. We're almost finished the basement, which is now a family room. We've got the bar all finished, bought a new TV, took the recliner down there and now are contemplating carpeting it. We really need a sofa or a futon down there so hopefully we come across something that someone's getting rid of. Our next door neighbor is moving in with her long time companion and just put her house up for sale. I wonder if it'd be too bold if I asked her to let us know if she wants to get rid of any furniture. I can't imagine that she wants to take her sofa, chairs et.. since she's moving to a furnished home. Guess it couldn't hurt to ask. But I won't.
In other news, Christmas came and went quickly. It was a great holiday season, we spent it with family and friends and I'm so grateful for all of that time together. I don't care about gifts or material things; my number one GIFT was all of the family getting together and making new memories. Both sets of parents haven't been in the best of health lately so it was a true blessing that we were afforded another year with everyone. I have some other things I want to "talk" about but I shall wait until I feel comfortable doing so. Never know who's "watching".. and I don't want to set off any alarms.

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  1. Did you end up inquiring about your neighbor's furniture?=) I know this blog is a bit old, but I figured I'd make a comment about it because we both share in our dedication and love for our family. Even though time always seems to want take a grasp on the things and people we care mostly about, we must remain strong and happy for their sake. Don't ever be afraid to express your thoughts or your deepest emotions, especially within your writing my friend. It's through our writing that we become liberated and can help others overcome their fears through our own struggles and tribulations. I wish you the best with your blogging, and let yourself grow with your words. Our wisdom is defined by our age and knowledge. An age and knowledge that comes with time and experience. Use it to your best interest, and make this time yours. We write when we hurt the most, or feel our best. I'm sure you will produce something epic when the time is right, but don't wait for inspiration to come pounding down your door. Sometimes, you have to search the depths of your soul to produce the all and powerful. And never be afraid to express the things you hold closest to your heart! I want to see more funny and loving tales from my fellow friend=)


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