Sunday, September 11, 2011

So much

* I turned on Eat, Pray, Love so that I could watch a movie since my shows aren't on tonight. Maybe it's in observance of 9/11? Whatever the case, it's very hard to blog and watch TV. I can't focus on the TV whilst I'm unloading all the thoughts in this head of mine. So much has happened and I've done so much since I last blogged. Nothing major so don't get crazy excited; I'm so not that interesting.

Somethings I've done recently:

Started couponing like crazy. In fact, I'm highly obsessed, I think. I sit down each weekend with the circulars and my coupons and clip like it's my job! It's so awesome though. I went to CVS last week & spent $6 and change on a handful of stuff that originally rung up at $13 and change. What a bargain! Also, if you don't know, you can scan your CVS card each week for a free item. Usually I get pantyliners or something silly but this Sunday, I got a box of Nabisco Crackerfuls! That was a nice treat. I haven't tried them but hey, I will now. So today, I "bought" a Febreze Set n Refresh air freshener and a bottle of Dawn dish soap with the Olay moisturizer in it, throw in my FREE crackers and with my soap coupon and Febreze coupon, my total came to $2.79 ~ I was so pleased. My husband laughs at me but he just doesn't get it like we women do. ; )

I read the Jaycee Dugard book in about 2 days. I expected it to be very good and it was. I found myself crying at some parts and at the end, I had a good bawl. What a life that poor girl/woman endured. I only pray that she has gained strength from it and the rest of her life will be all she has ever wanted. If you haven't read it and plan to, definitely grab it. I checked it out of my local library.. in fact I was on a waiting list for it. It was one of those books that you "can't put down". While I was at the library, I also bought a book for a quarter off one of their MANY shelves. Which book? Pride & Prejudice. Yes! I have never read it and I really want to. I'll start it in a day or two - I have 2 books already going so it's hard to keep up with the stories.

We recently found out from our corporate office that our company - EVERY EMPLOYEE - is receiving a wage decrease. Wage decrease sounds less painful than PAY CUT. A ten percent pay cut - OUCH! So I've been dealing with that a little and wondering how much it will affect my finances. I'm losing about $3,000 per year I think. I know I can really tighten up and hope that things work out that way. I'm already pretty frugal but I'm pretty sure there is always room for improvement. It was a blow to everyone; no one knew it was coming. They're also talking about some structural changes that will be implemented by the end of the month. That's scary because I assume that means that people will have to be let go. Very sad but if the revenue is not there, what can they do? I'm trying to stay positive and trust that God has a plan. He always does.

I had a yard sale yesterday and made ZILCH - Ok I'm lying.. I made just under $10 and my mother in law made over a hundred. Boo! I was happy for her ~ She had a lot of nice things and I know she's glad that she doesn't have to lug it all back in the house now. Whatever was left went to Good Will.

I did my annual summer stunt and cut my hair off. Well I went to have it cut; I went really short and then regretted it. It grows back so I don't fret about it much. I just couldn't stand the hair on my neck in the hot weather and it sticking to me and then I got sick of pony tails! I got into the mood that I was too old for pony tails anymore. Are we ever? Silly theory, I know.

My niece/god daughter started kindergarten last week and that was a great day. A little emotional naturally but I didn't cry! She loves school and was so afraid that we'd missed the bus. When my sister said she'd drive her to school, my niece was beside herself. She loves taking the school bus. I never rode the school bus. We lived across the street from our elementary school, so we never needed to be bussed. She was thrilled with kindergarten and is elated that they have gym class!

I went and saw the movie, The Help. Oh my goodness was it ever a great movie!?
I wanted to read the book first but ended up at the theatre before the libary for once.. It was fantastic and it made me cry SEVERAL times and I recommend it to anyone. It better get some awards because it totally deserves them. I should see some best actress/best supporting actress/best picture etc..

We had our last BBQ of the summer on Labor Day weekend and even though it was last minute, it turned out wonderfully! We didn't invite everyone we knew but had our parents over and my sister/niece... It was small but we all had a great time, talking, eating and sitting by the fire later on.

I bought a starter cross stitch kit and I just can not get the hang of it. So I opted to try my hand at latch hook. I haven't done one in MANY MANY years but I got the hang of it again and I'm really moving along with it! It keeps my occupied sometimes and is a great stress reliever. I remember years ago I did a latch hook that was a bubble gum machine. Loved it. Now I'm going to scour the internet to find a picture of it. There has to be one.

I know I'm forgetting a ton of things but I will just come back and add it/them.
I believe it just started thundering so I better get to shuttin' all the windows!
It was so nice to have the house open today and the breeze coming through.


  1. Hi, Thanks for following my blog, seriously, I'm honored!

    Just from reading this post, I think if I met you in person, we would become real friends.

    When I blog I have to go into a quiet room. I just started couponing. I want to become obsessed with it. You can save SO MUCH MONEY. Free stuff is pretty neat.

    You don't have to tell me more, but now I want to read the Jaycee Dugard book.

    Sorry about the 10% cut, OUCH!!! My job is ridiculous. I can complain about it for hours. At least I've got one for now, though, right?

    Always have grand ideas for making money, like garage sales, and my last garage sale netted like $50 bucks for a weekned of very hard work. I ended up bringing all my "valuable" artwork and furniture to goodwill. What a let down.

    Usually once a year or two I go for the short hair cut, and then hate it, lol.

    The Help was the last movie I saw that I didn't want to end.

    HAHHA, used to love latchhook when I was a kid. Tried to knit last time I was pregnant, and was AWFUL at it, should go back to is way easier.

    Enjoyed your post!

  2. I loved reading this! How awesome is that? Talk about having a lot in common. I was smiling the whole time I read it. The similarities are so cool; we're just that interesting! :-) Thanks for reading along with my blog as well and sharing in my little corner of the world. I really enjoy yours.


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