Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday = Love

Even though my weekend usually starts on Thursdays, it actually started on Wednesday this week. I decided to take a vacation day, totally spontaneous, and spend the day with my sister and niece. Our power went out in the early morning Wednesday so I ended up having to sit home and wait for the power company to come and restore it. When they got here, they concluded that the transformer was hit by lightning, so they temporarily were running our power off of another one and then 2 other guys came to replace the bad one. It was a while before all was well. I couldn't leave the house so my sister brought over some yummy lunch and once the power was back on, around 1 o'clock, we went bowling. My niece loves bowling! It's so cute to watch her - and she has her own bowling bag & ball that I picked up at a yard sale. It was perfect for her - a cute Tweety Bird bag with a 6 lb ball. She really likes it. One day I'll get her her very own but for now this one works. My sister and I didn't bowl; we'd rather watch and cheer her on. Now that school's getting ready to go back in, I'll have to arrange a sleepover with my niece for our last hoorah of the summer. I used to dread the back to school days. I always knew when Labor Day started to creep up, that we were getting close to having to go back. Summer was always too short, even when I was a young child. Nothing has changed; the summer flew by again this year. I wish I could say there was a time when I looked forward to going back to school but I honestly can't. Now, when I went to college, I loved it. Totally different world. I always looked forward to that. I was up early again today, got out to pay on our furniture bill, went to the library to borrow a book (the 17 Day Diet)... we'll see how that goes, and I even made it to the store to get laundry detergent, did one load of laundry and cleaned and dusted the house. Pretty productive day! Since yesterday was almost a bust.. but turned out great.

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