Sunday, April 22, 2012

April showers....

Hoping they bring May flowers! I've got to get to the store this weekend and get the mulch. It was just on sale at Home Depot or Lowe's for $1.74 per bag and I passed it up. Darn! Now it's 4 for $10, which still isn't so bad but I'd sure have liked to get it at the latter price. All of our flowers in the back garden are coming up beautifully including the rose bush. That's probably my favorite of all. The front garden looks great too but it needs mulch badly. We're also working on painting the exterior of the house. Our front of the house is brick but the sides and back of it are white siding and it's really gotten shabby. We've only been here a couple of years, well, almost 3 years now and it's needed a paint job ever since we moved in. Just a touch up, I guess. There's a lot of spots that have faded or have taken on a lovely shade of light green in spots, from the trees and pollen. I have lots of plans for the house now that the weather's getting warmer. I really need to get one full day of cleaning in. Spring cleaning! I guess that's why they call it that. I need to open the windows, turn up the stereo and get down to cleaning, scrubbing, and de-cluttering! Even just looking around the room right now, I see a dozen things that I can toss in the garbage. Things I haven't used or looked at in the past year or two. I just have a problem getting rid of stuff. Trust me, I'm not a hoarder. I could surely have a yard sale with all of the stuff I have here but the last one was a complete flop. I think I made about $5 all day. What a wasted Saturday that was. In other news, I just turned 36 yesterday. Whoa! Almost to the 40 year mark. Let's not rush it though. I also started a new job in early February and I love it. It's a great place to work, with great co-workers. Even management is pretty awesome. Sometimes I think it's too good to be true but I guess not. It seems everyone likes it there. I guess this is where I'll be retiring from. I was so glad to get out of my last job. Too many things were going on, what with pay cuts, etc.. changing my hours. This new job I happened to hear about from a friend and of course I was a little nervous at first to take the chance but then I said what the heck and I just went for it. The interview went so well.. I was interviewed by the VP and then the President also came in, because the VP wanted me to meet him as well. And they were both so down to earth and didn't make me feel uncomfortable at all. I was so at ease. I had to wait a couple of weeks to hear back, because there were others who were being interviewed and when I got the offer letter in my email I was so excited! It was more money, better hours, no more Sundays, .... a closer commute each day. I was thrilled. It's only been a couple of months so far so I haven't hit my 90 days, but hopefully I pass my probationary period and they keep me! : )

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