Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer time is here!

Holy hot! Has it been a scorcher here, lately. BUT, I would take the heat over that awful "white stuff" any day. I don't like winter at all, so I'm not complaining about the heat; trust me. We've stayed busy doing our summer projects around the house, readying our yard for the 4th of July and such. Last year, we had a pretty big BBQ and invited way too many people. It was a lot of work and a lot of money, so we opted to just invite family this year. Of course, my husband MAY have invited 2 friends and their families as well. Does that not put us right back at square one? : ) It's ok though. At least this year, I took off on that Sunday before the actual holiday. Last year, I worked that day AND came home to cook all the food on the grill. Most of our guests were here already.. so it made for a pretty stressful day for me and I hardly got to socialize with anyone. How bad is that for a hostess? At least, with already having off from work, I will have the whole day to do things and get ready. I love entertaining but I try to do it as stress free as possible.. and I know that's not always possible. My husband's been working really hard taking care of our yard and all of the outside projects, at the same that he's been going to his parents' new home and doing projects there. Today he's working on their kitchen floor. They're pulling up the 3 sub floors along with the putrid tile and then they will tile it with the vinyl tiles like we did to our bathroom. When they moved in, the kitchen floor was quite an eye sore but I know it'll look great when it's all finished. It's so nice to see a finished project when you've started on one, it's just the watching and waiting and hard work until you get to actually see it and appreciate it.

I've been having a real problem with patience lately - which is pretty unusual for me. I think it's just because I don't speak my mind and it's coming to a head. I realize at times, we need to just bite our tongues and let it go but in the cases that I've been getting stepped on, I definitely should have been speaking up. Like today, when I went to the deli to get some cold cuts and not ONE but TWO people totally cut in front of me in line. The woman behind the counter asked who was next and this man said he was - knowing damn right well, that he wasn't... He and this other woman walked in about 5 mins after I did. I only know that because when the front door opened, I looked down the aisle and saw them coming in. I thought for sure, that she was definitely not going to cut seeing that he already did and lo and behold, when the woman asked again who was next, the ignorant lady stepped right up and started rattling off her order. Seriously???!!! I'm more pissed at myself that I didn't say - AFTER the first ignoramous - "Excuse me - I'm definitely next. I was here before you came in". But no, I get all pissed off, let my nerves get all twisted and just stand there giving dirty looks. Then I go outside and someone, who obviously didn't want to have to park in the parking lot, decided to park so close that they boxed me in, clearly not having enough room to park, because their tail end of their big ass Cadillac was hanging half out on to the main road. Well, I couldn't even maneuver my car out of the spot, but I did my best and ooops! I bumped his front bumper. As soon as my car bounced off of it, I was stammered, "Shit!" but I checked it out and there was no damage, so I drove off, continuing my rant about stupid, IGNORANT people. Really - I would never be so rude to anyone. Boy, did my poor husband get an earful when he called a few minutes after my experience! But now I'm cooled down, and waiting for my sister to get her so we can take a trip to Babies R Us. Can't wait to see my niece! I miss her and haven't seen her in a couple of months - Niece #2 that is. Niece #1 was here last night and we had a sleep over, watched Twilight- Eclipse, made some artsy stuff with the painting "game" she brought over, went to a carnival (that was insanely over priced - $5 and $10 for the games).. It was a great night though. I love having her here - she's so good and when she gets up in the morning, she makes her bed! What a hoot. I never made my bed at 5 years old. Heck, my mom will tell you I never made my bed at 15. haha Really.

I got some grocery shopping done and rented The Dilemma for tonight - Hopefully it's funny. Kevin James is always a laugh so I have high expectations. We'll see.
Hope you're all staying cool and enjoying the summer so far. Don't forget your sunscreen! I just stocked up. Walgreens had a buy one -get one sale and I had a coupon too, so I got two big sized bottles of for $9. Awesome.

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