Friday, March 11, 2011

Temporary Fix

Well, first of all, I have to say that this Tsunami in China has got my stomach in knots. I fell asleep with the news on this morning and dreamt it happened to us. I managed to somehow stay safe and ended up pulling my sister and my niece out of a wave. Just thinking about it has me so scared. I woke up praying for all of those affected - I hope that the nightmare is over soon. How devastating.

On another note, I'm trying to make my blog private and I'm not sure how to do it!
Well, I can do it but then my followers can't see it! Ugh. What happened? Well, my dear friend shared a link to another gal's blog and I happened to be a follower on that blog. She posted the link on Facebook, of all places, and that means that EVERYONE who sees it can click on it and it could, if they click my photo, lead to MY blog. Yes, I realize it's the world wide web and people have had access to it a million times over. But I'm just not keen on the idea of half the people I went to high school with, reading my blog. Weird? Maybe. Sorry to sound like a wacko.

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