Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lock Down

I unblocked my blog finally. I won't get into the details; it's kind of silly.
But I'm back and I'm PUBLIC. : ) So many things to catch up on. I could probably post about 3 new entries today but I'll run down the list of "new" with me.

- We finally finished the bathroom remodel and I love it! It could possibly be my favorite room in the house now. I will post the AFTER pictures very soon. Promise.

- My husband is one hard working man. Truly. He really gives 110% when he does something and I'm very grateful for his wisdom, strength and determinaton.

- I'm super thrilled that Spring has sprung but I'm not feeling the wearin' of the flip flops yet. I miss my flip flops. The higher, the better! I love the platformy type. Can I say "platformy"?

- My next project in the house is the kitchen. It's not nearly as scary as the bathroom was -- it just needs a little updating, circa 2009.

- I'm so DAMN proud of my sister who is an excellent pediatric nurse... So much so that she was nominated for AND selected for the Excellence in Nursing Award! So proud of her! I knew she was deserving of it - She was up against so many other hard working, excellent nurses and by way of recommendations from her colleagues: doctors, manangers and co-workers alike, she was selected as the recipient! What a nice accomplishment. She has definitely found her niche in life. I might go on and on here so I'll stop now. This is supposed to be a snippet!

- I have been on an emotional roller coaster lately - Lots of tears and 47 other emotions, but lucky for me, I'm a pro at hiding it from others. It's kind of a talent. I cry a lot in private so it's not like I'm holding it in. It's not that I cant't talk to my friends/family/husband but I've always been the one who struggles privately. A preference, I guess.

- I have a lot on my mind. Some of which I want to "talk" about. I may just do that, VERY soon.

- I'm mad that I forgot to stop at CVS on my way home for my RX and now I have to go back out. Ok, that is a silly thing to be annoyed about.. I know it could be worse. : )

- I just finished reading Water for Elephants. It was an excellent book and I'm anxious to see the movie now. And the upside? Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson. Bound to be a great flick.

- I'm excited that the drive in is open for the season! My niece is so precious.. She knows that I love going so she won't go with just my sister. She said they have to wait for me. How cute. So we've planned an outing for this Thursday. Oh, and I don't mean a movie DRIVE IN... it's the root beer kind.

-I'm signing off now and headed back out to CVS. Hope you all have had some exciting, love filled days.


  1. I like the way you said that you keep your emotions kind of private. You said it is a personal choice and that describes me. I have just never liked crying in front of people and prefer to do it in private:-)

  2. I was wondering about you! Glad you're back!


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