Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away!

I don't like you, Rain. You are unwelcome here. Please leave. I heard that tomorrow is going to be close to 6o, so I hope the weather channel is accurate. I'm heading out with my mom tomorrow for lunch and then some odds and ends that I need to pick up. Jeff and I are headed to a St. Patty's social on Saturday and I never bought an Irish shirt! I kept putting it off and now I'm pretty sure there will be NONE left. So close to St. Patrick's Day? Chances are slim. We went to this same event last year and had a great time, dancing and mingling. They even had a chinese auction, which I love. I'm really looking forward to going. I even took the day off Sunday, so I don't have to make it an early night on Saturday. Ahh, a 3 day weekend! Nice. We haven't started the work on the bathroom yet; Jeff is home next week so he's all set to get down to business. We still have to get all of the stuff for it. We need flooring, a vanity, a toilet and of a mirror. We want to stick with a medicine cabinet though, because we do like keeping things in there. I'm fine with a medicine cabinet or just a nice mirror. So many options we have; hard to make a decision. When it comes to money, it's not hard to make a decision. I like to stick with a budget. We're thinking we may go with the ensemble below. Still on the fence, because the reviews weren't that great. Something about the color being off. Hmmm.. Guess we just really have to go to the store and look at things.
I can't believe that I'm ready for bed right now - Maybe it's the rain or the fact that I know I have an early day tomorrow. We were supposed to get our pooch to the vet for her yearly shots but the weather was so miserable, I rescheduled for Saturday. I don't like to rush around in the rain. People drive like idiots in the rain. Some do, at least. Last night we went to church since it was Ash Wednesday and it was a pretty long service beccause of the people who show up ONCE a year. It was standing room only, at one point. That's crazy.
Well, I'll head to bed soon - Here's the photos of what the bathroom MIGHT look like soon.

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