Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring Preview!

I am thrilled that it's going to be in the high 60's today! I can't wait to open up the house and air it out - I love having a breeze running through while I clean. And clean is what I really need to do. I dust and clean every Friday (and more as needed) but I haven't really been around the house with the Swiffer lately. We have all hard wood floors in the house, so that means we have dog hair out the wazoo. I'm not kidding; I looked under the bed yesterday and thought we had another dog! So, I'll be swifferin' all over the house today and then shining up the wood floors. I can't wait to take in the beautiful weather. And my hubby texted me that he's taking a half day so that he can enjoy the sun too, that means I had better get a move on with my cleaning so I can free up the rest of the day to spend with him. It's going to be awesome! Hope you're all having nice weather no matter where you are - Hoping that the "S" word is a thing of the past! : )

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