Wednesday, February 02, 2011


What I should be doing:
Working on my Wednesday Lesson of my online course that I'm taking.
Folding the laundry that I'll no doubt tumble at least 2 more times.
Putting my clothes away that I did manage to fold.
Going over my bills for the month and entering them in my "to pay" calendar.
But, I'm here visiting instead. Catching up on all your blogs and trying to come up with something post-worthy. Sorry if any of you were on the receiving end of, yet again, MORE snow. My corporate office is in Chicago, so almost everyone was working from home today because their total accumulation was in the 30's. As in inches! I may be a little off but they were anticipating that much so they planned ahead and they set up 'shop' from home. I wouldn't have minded doing that - Sitting at home in my flannel pj's and my slippers? Oh, how I wish Spring would just come knock on my door and tell me it's finally here! I stole a couple hours away last night and went to dinner and a movie with my movie buddy. We saw The Rite w/Anthony Hopkins. It was a great movie; he's such a wonderful actor. I'd have to say this was one of his best roles yet; I sure hope he gets an award. I know the concept is a little controversial to some, but it really was a great story. And last but not least, I totally feel like I'm getting sick! I never (knock on wood) get sick. I am obsessed with washing my hands constantly, using my hand sanitizer like it's my job and just keeping my environment - GERM FREE. So now, I'm so annoyed that I may be coming down with something. I get this weird scratchy feeling in my throat - I know it all too well. YUCK. Someone at work was just out for a couple of days with Bronchitis.. But I thought Bronchitis wasn't contagious? So now, I wonder what it really was. I can't stand it when someone coughs or sneezes right out into the air that we all share/breathe. Grown people who don't cover their mouths? So, I hope I'm not posting in a day or two how I feel like crap. :(

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