Thursday, February 24, 2011


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On November 8, 2010, a true miracle came into this world. My sister gave birth to a beautiful, healthy, baby girl she named Chloe. She and her huband were so overjoyed by the birth of their baby girl; I don't think anything could ever come close to comparing with it. We say that Chloe is a miracle baby because, in all honesty, my sister "shouldn't" have been physically able to conceive in the first place. My sister has struggled with Crohn's disease for some years now; I can't count on one hand, the amount of drugs she has to take on a daily basis to keep it under control. It's pretty serious. She had emergency surgery some years back and the doctor told her then that she was lucky she'd come when she did because he wasn't sure she'd have "made" it much longer without that surgery. That was a scary time in her life .. as you can imagine. They basically told her that her insides were all "out of sorts" and her intestines were in bad shape. In layman's terms, I can only tell you that it was much like what happened to Marley in the movie Marley & Me. So they went in an fixed it the best they could. Having a child or conceiving was most likely not an option.. Coming off of the medicine would be too risky and her physical ability to get pregnant seemed unlikely as well. Then, in 2010, a miracle happened! My sister not only concieved, but carried to full term, a beautiful, healthy baby girl! Here's where I explain the rest of the miracle... When my sister went into labor, the baby was slow in coming. The doctors decided that she was going to be born via C-section because she was in some distress and it would be better for mom and baby. When they went in to perform the Cesarean, they accidentally cut my sister's bladder. I know that sounds like crazy malpractice stuff but they told my sister that her bladder was actually "not where it was supposed to be" .. They said that most of her organs were "misplaced" in some strange way.. I can only assume this was all a result of the Crohn's complications and the shape her intestines etc were in when they did that first surgery. In fact, the doctors agreed that there was humanly no way possible way for my sister to have gotten pregnant based on the "location" of her organs etc... They were so mystified as to how she was able to concieve based on what they'd seen. I mean, they never expected her bladder to be where it was, which is how they unintentionally ended up puncturing/cutting it. My sister said that the doctors even called her a "miracle". I don't know how much my sister prays or if she does but I would be willing to bet my next paycheck that God had a hand in this. Sometimes he sees fit for these things to happen and I guess it was time. He knows when a heart needs healing or when your life is ready to accomodate new beginnings or endings. I can't explain it any other way. I mean, if your body is not "equipped" to concieve and it does, how else would YOU explain it? Luck? I guess we all have our own theories but as long as I live, I'll consider my niece Chloe a miracle and I know my sister will too. I look at her pictures and I think of how blessed my sister and her husband are with a true gift from God. I find myself just thinking to still in disbelief sometimes. I'm not questioning it - I'm so very grateful; I just never expected it. No one did. I know that there are so many different "types" of love but the love that you have for a child must be SO different, when you hold her on your chest for the first time, you must wonder how you ever lived without her. It's the kind of love where you just know that you'd lay your life on the line for her and that you always want to protect her. I can only pray that one day I can feel that. God is always working & He clearly was in this case. He has bestowed a blessing upon us, that many people only dream of. Well, my sister did dream of it, but then it happened!
With no medical intervention. That is a true testament. To say that I'm happy for my sister is an understatement; I can't explain the depth of the joy in my heart. She is a mother now - I couldn't have wanted this more for her.


  1. Anonymous8:29 PM

    omg that was so beautiful! she is my miracle and i thank god everyday for her...and danny too! cant forget to thank him! lol! god has blessed me greatly. i guess he knew i was in a good place and with the right person. the love i have for her is like nothing i have ever experienced. i would walk to the end of the earth for her. i am sure you will experience it too. god has a weird way of making things happen when you least expect it. i am proof of that. i will keep saying my prayers for you. i love you very much!

  2. What an amazing story! Thanks for sharing from your heart.


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