Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday and it's raining? Really?

Well I'm still glad it's Friday because my weekend is officially here but I'm not glad that it's so gloomy out right now. I got up way later than I usually do on Friday and haven't started any of my cleaning. I always have it done by this time. Jeez, I need a big hot cup of motivation right now. Although, I did make a pot of coffee and accidentally made it way too strong, so a few more gulps of that should get me moving. Always does! Kind of looking forward to today even if it's miserable out; the husband is taking a half day at work so we can pick up his truck. Apparently, there were 3 recalls to his Titan, so we took it into the shop for a checkup. So, on the agenda is picking up the truck and running some errands together. We really want to take a trip to Blinds to Go so we can get prices on a vertical blind for our living room window.. we have a nice bow window and we've covered it since we moved in with these huge drapes I bought at Bed, Bath Beyond. It really takes away from it. So I'm kind of anxious to change it up. It's time to make it actually look like a bow window. Other than that, we're taking a trip to Home Depot so we can get some things for our bathroom. I think, this weekend, we're finally going to start on it! It really needs an overhaul. Did I tell you that it's yellow? Well, the paint and trim is hunter green, but the tub and toilet and vanity are yellow! We've lived with it thus far but had plans all along to re-do it .. so hopefully the project begins soon. I should post a picture of it. ok, I will. I just sat down before I posted, and paid bills. ** GASP ** Being a grown up sucks sometimes. : ) Where does it all go? Hope you are having a great Friday and have an even better weekend!

Here are the photos ( I usually have a matching hand towel - YIKES!)
See how old and country lookin' it is? Gahhh!! ( at least now I have some BEFORE shots)

I do love the skylight though..

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