Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Lazy Bones

I'm just not finding the motivation to get a good blog post in tonight so here is what I'm thinking:

- O.M.G.. The Justin B movie comes out Friday; I'm hoping I can take my niece. It will probably be torture for ME but she's worth it.

- My new favorite juice is Juicy Juice Punch. I used to drink it all the time when I was a nanny and now I'm stuck on it again. It's one of the better juices out there. I have to get away from so much soda and iced tea.

- I am so glad tomorrow's Thursday and my weekend will start at 5 sharp! I have had a nutsy week and just want to relax and sleep in. I almost called out several times this week.

- I feel like crap and am not sure if my throat scratchiness is from my reflux or my cold. (did I spell that word right? Is scratchiness a word?"

- I never take anything medicinal -- But I bought some children's allergy and cold.

- My dog is asleep next to me on my husband's pillow. Seems like a fair trade; she doesn't snore NEARLY as loud as he does.

- I have lots of things I want to "talk" about but have refrained thus far. One day I will get my thoughts together and let it all out. Be prepared.

- I often get the urge to blog from work but I hold back because I'm afraid that my employer will see it. But honestly, I have never said anything derogatory about my employer so what am I worried about?

- I have been such a slacker with my online course that I'm taking. I've gotten behind in the lessons but have to make an effort to catch up tomorrow night.

- I downloaded OpenOffice on my laptop tonight - I hope it works. I really need a word application on my computer.

- I'm turning in for the night... Promise to post much better tomorrow.

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