Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hot Diggity Thursday!

I got a chance to see my mom, my niece & my sister all at once tonight. What a nice treat! I even got to tuck in my niece at bedtime and spend some time chatting and laying in her bed. Her new BIG GIRL bed, I should add! When my sister first bought my niece's crib, she bought the kind that converts into 3 types. It went from crib to daybed and finally, to a full size bed, this week. I actually cried when I saw it all set up and decorated with all of her girly black and pink bedding (ala Justin Bieber). She's growing up so fast. It's a good idea to get that type of crib/bed, I guess, because it really lasts a long time & through many transitions. Although, she did have to buy a full mattress for it. Not so bad considering how much use she's been able to get out of it so far. I headed home fairly early because I was so tired! It's tough getting up early on Thursday morning and then trying to stay up late since I'm off on Fridays. Never quite works out that way for me. I'd rather get up early on Friday anyway so I can get my day and errands started. I'm going to my oldest sister's house for lunch so I'm thrilled about that. I get to spend some time with my other niece. She's getting so big and so darn cute! She's 3 months already! Wowsers! I'll have to post some pictures; I'm definitely taking my camera with me. My sister goes back to work next Monday so it'll be tough for her to leave her little angel. Poor girl. I wish I'd really been able to get over and visit the two of them more often while she was home on maternity leave, but I could only ever get there on a Friday really and always seemed to be doing something. I kind of regret it now. Well, I'm off to dreamland and looking forward to a great weekend! Hope you are too.

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