Friday, October 08, 2010

Just say no to winter

I really hope that Fall sticks around for a while. I love the leaves and the crisp air. I loathe winter and snow. I can't believe I even just said the S word. Yikes! Decorating for Fall is my favorite, I think. Even next to Christmas. That's just weird. haha
I'm so glad I went to bed early last night. At first I couldn't believe I was turning in at 10 o'clock on my "Friday".. but I was tired and knew I had a busy day. Luckily, with going to bed that early, I woke up at 8, all refreshed and ready to go! I cleaned the house, polished and got a load in the washer. It's so nice to see it's only 9:30 and my household tasks are done! I have to go pick up our wedding photos today. They are finally finished! Our package came with an 11x14 and two 8x10's so all I have to do is get frames. Silly me thought that when it said they came "mounted", it meant "framed". Not so! I guess I'll take a trip to Michael's and see what they have. I'd like to get a nice vintage frame for our big picture. It'll probably go in our formal living room above the TV or the sofa. Not sure yet. We've got a wedding to attend tomorrow so I'm really looking forward to that. I love weddings! I haven't been to one since my own! heehee I had a crazy dream the other night about our wedding too. I'm pretty sure it's normal to have wedding nightmares BEFORE you get married. But AFTER? I'm thinking no. Not much else has been going on here - just working etc. I finally had a coffee date with one of my best girlfriends last night.. We actually ended up at Saladworks instead of getting coffee but it never matters where we go. We always have so much catching up to do and we could talk for hours! I appreciate her friendship so much. It's so wonderful to have friends that you can really sit with and just gab for hours about life and whatnot. I mean honest to goodness TRUE friends. I hope you all are blessed with friendships like. I may not have MANY but the ones that I do have are genuine and I cherish them.


  1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm adding you to the side bar of my blog so I can keep up with you. I am not looking foward to winter myself...ugh! Sounds like you had fun with your friends, though...YAY!!

    Love, Mere


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