Saturday, September 18, 2010

Apple a day and such

It's only 10:30 on Saturday and I feel like I've gotten alot done already. Laundry, cleaned a little more today and straightened the basement, yet again. I got up at 7 to pick up my mom from work and we stopped for breakfast. I'm not a fan of them usually but the one buffet on the way home has breakfast for $4.99 per person. You truly can't beat that, even at a diner. We get there just as it opens, which is good because I am really turned off by some of the characters I see at those places. Getting there when it opens means that we're 2 of the first people in there. I have seen some nasty antics when I've been there. Totally skeeved!

In other news, I went for my well check up last week and had some blood work done. It came back that my cholesterol was in good order, my sugar was good and my thyroid was fine. (Why she checked my thyroid, I don't know). But my triglycerides were elevated. Damn carbs. I'm a pasta and bread girl. And although I've traded my white pastas and white breads for whole wheat or whole grain, I've not done that well, obviously. So the doctor recommended LOTS of exercise,weight loss, cutting out the saturated fats and carbohydrates, increasing my fiber and taking fish oil tablets. There's a lot you can do to bring down high tryglycerides. The fish oil tablets, I'm still a little leary on but I guess I should try. I really need to lose weight still and I think that will help a bunch. I just ordered the South Beach diet book on Amazon so hopefully I can get alot of insight from that and really get those refined sugars and carbs off of my daily menu. I'm going to start jogging again.. I love walking and jogging and before I moved in with my husband, I was going alot with my sister and did take off some pounds but then I got lazy and stopped. So I'm making it a goal to get my butt back out there and get this weight off. I have weights that I use in the house, but they're mostly building my upper body. The walking and jogging really do it for me. So once I incorporate the 'better eating' with the activity I should be well on my way to a healthy me. I've always said that I'm worried about heart disease since my dad has it and it runs in the family, so I guess I need to make it a point to fight it NOW.

I don't know what else is on the agenda for today. We had yet another potential buyer ask about the bar items we're selling and we got as far as this one atually wanting to come see them. So hopefully she calls me and it actually works out. That would be great! Just don't waste my time saying you're coming. This woman wants to come check them out - If she decides she doesn't want them when she sees them, that'll be kind of awkward. I love Craig*slist but it always makes me nervous how people actually come to your home. I guess it's no different than a yard sale but with that, you're OUTSIDE. In this case, people come to our home and go into our basement.. which means, granted, they don't see our whole house and what we have, but it's just a little scary. So, I'm off to do some more laundry and maybe take a nap. I'm so tired after getting up so early ~ I went to bed LATE.

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  1. I eat way too much sugar too. I'm really working on cutting it out of my daily diet as much as possible. But I could never cut it out totally. I need a cupcake now and then. :)

    PS- cute new background


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