Friday, September 17, 2010

Getting ready for Fall

I finally was able to open all the windows get a nice breeze blowing in. We have french doors leading out to the deck and I love being able to open those and the door up front in the living room! It creates this great breeze that runs right through the house. I was also able to pull out all the Fall stuff and start getting the house ready for my favorite time of year! My day ended up a little screwy; plans were messed up etc.. but I made the most of it. Picked up lunch and came home to enjoy the quiet before I have to pick up my niece. So excited about that too. I was supposed to have plans with my Mom and she was going to look at a car. Well, I never saw her message last night that she wasn't feeling well and just needed some rest. So I drove over there and accidentally woke her up - Needless to say we didn't have plans after all. This, after I canceled an interview I had with Macy's. I applied for part time seasonal help and I had an interview today. Now that I canceled, the next one I can actually make is NEXT Friday. Dang it! Wish I'd kept it. Wish I'd seen that message from my Mom last night. But what can you do? Just make the most of it. Lots of cleaning I can do and moving things around. We've been trying to sell some things on Craig*slist and that's worked out for the most part. But man, are there a lot of SPAMmers in this world!!?? And people who show a real interest in an item but then just totally fall off the radar. What's the deal there? We got rid of some stuff last weekend. Bar items mostly. We were going to build a nice bar down in the basement (his idea mostly).. but we decided the space would be better utilized if we were to build a home gym. At this point in our lives, we should be worried about our health & fitness and keeping in shape. Not sitting around entertaining friends and getting our drink on. haha! That was a corny statement.. but you know where I'm coming from. In other news, I've been trying like a FIEND to get a new job. I lost count of how many positions I have applied for. I've been trying so hard to get a position in a doctor's office or hospital. I don't have the experience in either but I went to school for some various courses and nothing has developed yet! I think my resumé could use some tweeking, I know it's a little shabby. I'm just not satisfied in my career right now and quite honestly, it's not a career for me. It's a 30 minute drive every day and as you can imagine, I burn alot of gas in a week.. if I was making more money AND actually enjoyed what I did, it might not be half bad. I just feel that I'm in a place in my life now where I need to get motivated and really find my place in the Career world. I've always wanted to be in the medical field.. just not so much the 'hands on". Nursing school would be stupendous BUT funding it isn't easy. I'll figure it all out I guess. Life otherwise, is pretty good.

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